A Consumer Products Develoment Company

Identify & Create

The team at Strategic Innovations creates cutting edge designs and innovative concepts that are highly disruptive and in alignment with current trends.

Our insight and intuition combines with revolutionary technology to deliver breakthrough products that are designed to set new standards in their respective industry's and across broad spectrums of market share based on our research.

Invent Solutions

When brilliant innovation combines with proper execution the end result produces positive traction. That is our chief aim and focus at Strategic Innovations and we're proud of what we do and take extra steps to ensure that what we create stands out. The more successful the invention and overall branding strategies, the more relevant we become.

 Over 30 Product Inventions & Counting

Our company's focus is a lot more than a logo and a tagline - it is exceptional ideas combined with a "can do" culture. It is hitting the target, breaking the code, creating relevance and developing new and improved ways to do things. Solving problems and developing solutions that become time honored is our mission. Becoming a powerhouse in innovation is our goal.

Send us an email or give us a call at (559) 240-5929 to speak with one of our designers. We'll be happy to set up a meeting with you to discuss your ideas and company's needs, or how our innovative products can be integrated through a strategic partnership.

(559) 240-5929

We take the art of brainstorming and engagement to a new level. From identifying and defining strategic solutions to global issues, to bringing highly sought after innovation to the market, our team has the expertise and skills needed to bring 21st Century technology and new inventions to society and deliver real world products to simplify and enhance our customers lives.


"Smart is what Smart does"TM