Introducing the World's First and Only Mobile Fire Barrier & Suppression System that's Designed To Stop Wildfires In Their Tracks...

Patent Pending

It's a well known fact that wildfires are a 

horrendous problem and that they create substantial loss...of property, assets, life, wildlife, our forests, and more. In fact wildfires continue to rage out of control and you can hardly turn on a television without seeing a myriad of fires all occurring at the same time.

There is little, if anything, that can be done to stop a wildfire from starting, the key is to control and contain it as fast as possible. When this is not accomplished, catastrophic events can occur.

We are proud and privilidged  to introduce our well designed invention based on solid fire fighting theory that is designed to provide the world's first and only Mobile Fire Barrier & Suppression System that can stop wildfires in their tracks. Stay tuned, you are sure to hear very good things about FireLine in the very near future.