Strategic Innovations boasts a large portfolio of inventions and new products, many of which integrate throughout each others platforms.

     Our current project that we are in the process of launching is Green Genie, "the world's very first and only" pre-manufactured and modular geotextile subsurface irrigation and regenerative energy system that is simple and easy to install and incorporates cutting edge technologies that are designed to capitalize on and provide the most efficient and smart water conservation methods available on the planet today.

     Combined with our ultra smart controller and sensor system along with automatic rodent control features, not to mention the first ever mini microhydroelectric turbine regenerative energy system that provides green renewable energy to the system and all of which are novel to our design and included in our patent(s), we are very excited to bring to market a much needed solution to the worlds' ability to conserve our precious water while enabling for lush and green landscapes to be easily managed and once again become a standard throughout the building and property market segments.

     This product is designed to gain complete endorsement and certification with LEED (leadership in energy and environmental-design), California state Save Our Water campaign, EPA WaterSense and GreenScapes, and all local and federal building codes and mandates as well as water municipality incentive and acceptance criteria. Additionally, we will be lobbying for tax credits and/or any other state or regulatory incentive programs which may exist for green energy and water conservation products for our customers.

"Your Irrigation Wishes Have Been Granted"TM


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